Company Profile

Quest Pharmaceuticals is an Australian based, full turnkey, contract manufacturer of therapeutic liquids and creams, cosmetic and personal care products. The business operates out of state of the art, purpose built manufacturing facility. Quest is a TGA licensed GMP facility of 2,400 square metres located in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs.

Our core manufacturing capabilities include creams, gels, ointments, lotions and ingestible liquid products covering a wide range of product categories such as therapeutic, cosmetic, cosmeceutical personal care, baby care, sunscreen, and complementary vitamin and herbal liquid suspensions. Quests filling capabilities range from bottle filling to tubes (plastic & composite), and catering packaging customer needs.

Quest offers a wide range of value added services, from formulation development to chemical, microbiological, SPF, stability testing, and compliance guidance through to permitted ingredients and regulatory advice.

At Quest, we continuously deliver the highest level of manufacturing and client satisfaction. Our philosophy is support, partnership, customer success and a commitment to exceed expectations. Our team at Quest are here for your journey today and your future success.

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